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Friday February 23rd 2018


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Roots Broadcast #7 – May 14th

Toronto tragedy.HST fury.Emery gives in.Off shore drilling.

Mzhakdo Kwe on HST

Mzhakdo Kwe on HST

Mzhakdo Kwe, Vicki Monague, shares her thoughts on: how the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) is an illegal tax; representation of the people; and how the HST will affect everyone.

Little Thunder on HST

On April 22nd was an Aboriginal protest against the HST at Queen's Park in Toronto. Little Thunder explains that the protest is not just about the HST, but respect between nations. He shares his concerns for future generations.

Roots Broadcast #5 – April 16th

Stop playing in the sand box. Post-9/11 security. Illegal taxation. This broadcast covers Aboriginal legal action against tar sands; Grassy Narrows mercury poisoning; RCMP's new submachine guns; product safety with children; Re:Sound music licensing; film pirate Geremi Adam; Israeli attacks in Canada; governmental hacking; Obama's [...]

Ontario HST

Ontario HST

"Dalton McGuinty’s new HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) will hurt thousands of Ontarians already paying more than their fair share of taxes." Andrea Horwath, the new leader of the Ontario NDP, is standing up for the people of Ontario by leading the fight against the HST. Dalton McGuinty, leader of the Liberal Party, signed for this new raise to [...]