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Nov. 8, 2010

Nov. 8, 2010

Canadian-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), G20 masked police, HST failing in B.C., Bruce Power's shipment of nuclear waste through Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. Features clips of interviews with: Peter Julian, NDP International Trade Critic; and Maude Barlow, chairperson for Council of [...]

Roots Broadcast #7 – May 14th

Toronto tragedy.HST fury.Emery gives in.Off shore drilling.

Roots Broadcast #6 – April 30th

Roots Broadcast #6 – April 30th

Safely abandoned.Lesbian left-out.Protecting water.Aboriginals attacked. This broadcast covers a Vancouver hospital's plan for abandoning babies; Rahul Singh's GlobalMedic's service; Sears warehouse workers lock-out; PEI senior's prescription break; BC HST NDP petition; lesbian school photo blues; Ontario Water Conservation Alliance ideas; [...]

Roots Broadcast #5 – April 16th

Stop playing in the sand box. Post-9/11 security. Illegal taxation. This broadcast covers Aboriginal legal action against tar sands; Grassy Narrows mercury poisoning; RCMP's new submachine guns; product safety with children; Re:Sound music licensing; film pirate Geremi Adam; Israeli attacks in Canada; governmental hacking; Obama's [...]

Roots Broadcast #4 – April 2nd

What's in your soap? Tossing around the "P" word. Water for all! Dropping the big one. This broadcast covers holocaust soap, drowning seal pups, Ottawa's federal energy bills, Helena Guergis, Quebec's budget, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Victoria police brutality, border crossings, the WHO and H1N1, Obama and offshore oil drilling, World [...]

Roots Broadcast #3 – March 19th

Boiling off prorogies; Bloody Bangkok; Coughing and weezing; Getting in the swing of things. This broadcast covers the prorogation of Canadian Parliament, and Jack Layton's motion to prevent minority Prime Minister Stephen Harper from acting as a "king." Today's broadcast also looks into the torture of Afghan detainees, the Province [...]

Roots Broadcast #2

The flame is here! What do you fear most, H1N1 or it's vaccination? What are you fighting for? He is the greatest

Roots Broadcast #1

Are your tax dollars funding child abuse? Not a goose or Snowbird, mushroom? Would you dare? Mom's story #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 [...]