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Saturday February 24th 2018


Rally 4 Accountability

Andrea Horwath

Andrea Horwath

In front of the Ontario legislative building, at Queen’s Park, on Monday was a “Rally 4 Accountability” to have an Ombudsman oversee the Children’s Aid Society. Andrea Horwath, MPP and leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party, introduced Bill 93 in 2008 to provide external investigations of allegations against the Children’s Aid Society.

The Ombudsman will be able to investigate the publicly funded system, where child abuse and misuse of funding is said to be ramped.

Many spoke out against the C.A.S. describing their own horror-filled stories. From an Archbishop’s children being held hostage between the truth of his case and the credibility of the C.A.S.; to the story of a 17 year-old youth having to take care of other foster children while the foster parents are out spending funding on dinners for themselves, instead of providing proper food and adequate winter clothing for the children. Another youth described the neglect he endured when needing a hip replacement.

In an audio recording a mother describes her daughter being sexually abused by a boy who shares the same bedroom. (Click here to listen to this audio recording and hear other stories.)

Many of the people there are being sued by the Children’s Aid Society for defamation. Watch the videos and listen to the broken families, then decide for yourself how credible the Children’s Aid Society is.

After the rally, some of the group walked to the office of the Minister of Children and Youth Services. was there for part of the meeting, and hopes to obtain the following audio recording.

Tuesday, the day following the rally, Deb Matthews resigned as Minister of Children Youth Services. The group who walked into the office did not meet with Matthews herself, but met with a couple from communications and also the policy advisor.

The former Minister’s workers listened, and stressed that they need to have continued input from the families.

View raw video of speeches, and the spontaneous surprise visit to the Minister’s office, on’s YouTube channel; don’t forget to subscribe! The video is uploading, come back to this post for links to videos, and how you can get involved.


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  1. On behalf of all the organizers, ralliers, children and families, I would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to the people of Roots Media for attending and covering such an important event.

    It is the main stream medias constant refusal to cover and expose these important issues that should make every citizen thankful that independent media and the web are available.

    Thank you for your dedication and efforts in delivering important and life changing stories.

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