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Friday February 23rd 2018


Save Our Net!

“Until now, Canada’s Internet has been an open network — and a level playing field for free speech, innovation, and free market competition. All that is now under threat.

A handful of companies are threatening to change the way Canada’s Internet works. They want to replace the open network Canadians enjoy today with a discriminatory or “gatekeeper network” — where they decide which content and services get the fastest access to our homes.

These companies have been caught:
- throttling or slowing Internet traffic to businesses and consumers;
- blocking access to web sites that criticized them;
- crippling consumer devices and applications.

This threatens Canada’s free speech and economic competitiveness. is a coalition of citizens, businesses, and public interest groups fighting to protect our Internet’s level playing field. We’re calling on lawmakers and industry to protect openness, choice, and access for ALL Canadians — and stopping lobbyists and special interests from ruining Canada’s Internet.”

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